Hunter S. Thompson's Hang Over Cure

Eclectic and crazy writer Hunter S. Thompson has had some crazy letter surface over the years but his hang over cure has to be the best! Recently Playboy magazine published its entire correspondence between them and the late great journalist. In them was Hunter S. Thompson’s personal hang over cure scribbled on a piece of stationary from the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The stationary reads P.S. — inre: Oui’s request for “my hangover cure” — it’s 12 amyl nitrites (one box), in conjunction with as many beers as necessary.

Which means Hunter S. Thompsons cure for a hangover is more beer and a box of uppers. Is it any wonder this is the guy who wrote Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas? You gotta love it writers we rule the world, cause quite literally we right the school books.


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