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Welcome to the Print Killer Media Network. Our network of sites collectively covers news, sports, politics, music, current events, concerts, and events. As well as local happenings in South Florida & New York including crime, web development, gaming, 420 culture & more.


These sites include but are not limited to:



We know that not everyone has the avenue to post their wonderful content. We also know that many times one wants to get the word of their product or service out all over the web, and this is a great way to do so.

We would like to extend our services to you at an introductory rate of 50% off! Our team of bloggers & writers are standing by to assist you. We offer a handful of packages that most clients take advantage of to build their brands online.

The first package is the simplest. You submit your sponsored (paid) article in full. That means completely written with any links inserted and accompanying photos included. We will post these articles for clients at 1-4 articles for $100 per article. 5 or more articles would be discounted at $75 per article.

The second package is where you let us do the writing for you. We can write your article, include links and photos just like any articles you would submit. We just take the work out of your hands. The articles that are written would be in 300+ words of original content. Written by American writers you can speak too. One to four articles for $250 per article. Five or more articles would be discounted to $200 per article.
We can also customize any package you want a la carte style, where we set up the terms to your exact needed specifications. No matter what, we will find a solution to your blog and posting needs.

We believe what helps separate us, is our ‘Three Article Promise’

1. All sponsored (paid) articles are posted NEVER stating that they were paid for. Only you and we are aware.
2. All articles are permanent. Barring legal action, etc., the article stays up for the life of the site.
3. We funnel all sponsored articles through our social media channels to aid in gaining views from our network of followers.



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