Choosing a quality landscaping company in South Florida is an important decision. They are going to be responsible for so much on your property. From keeping the property looking appealing, to making sure bugs & critters aren’t eating up your flowers & foliage, to making sure that the grounds are well irrigated and that there are no brown patches. Choosing the right landscaper isn’t easy because there are also so many companies to choose from. In South Florida, it is a saturated market. But just because it is saturated, does not mean that every company does a great job. That is why you need Broward Landscape and Design. They are the number one landscaping company in Parkland, Florida.

What makes Broward Landscape and Design so great, is attention to detail. It is making sure that customers get the best in property maintenance. Whether it is lawn service or tree care, commercial or residential landscaping, hard and softscapes, as well as any and all of your outdoor living needs, Broward Landscape and Design is the best Parkland, Florida has to offer.

When you become a customer of Broward Landscape and Design, they treat you like a part of their extended Parkland family. Now is the time to request an in home or commercial business consultation so that you can see exactly what Broward Landscape and Design has to offer your Parkland property. With Summer arriving, many in Florida know that this is the most challenging time of the year for maintaining lawns and properties. The high amounts of rainfall make lawns grow a lot faster and creates a need for more attention to the maintenance. The long, hot and sunny days without rainfall make it a challenge to not allow brown spotting to show up in parts of your lawn. This is exactly why, if you are in Parkland, Florida, you need to consult with Broward Landscape and Design today!