custom content creation

Custom content creation can be one key to building your business.

If you’re not using custom content creation, you should consider it. That’s because it just may be one of your best marketing tools.

According to Business 2 Community, there are 20 stats that show why content marketing is a great bet. Here are a few of the reasons to develop a custom content creation strategy.

Content marketing’s more effective than traditional advertising

Each person sees about 5,000 ads a day. That’s a huge amount of oversaturation. But custom content creation can catch your target audience’s attention effectively.

“For medium- and large-sized businesses, content marketing cost up to 41% less per lead than paid search. Average customer acquisition cost for a large company dropped from $108 to $64 per lead when they switched to content marketing,” Business 2 Community writes.

Your website’s traffic will increase

Company’s that blog get more web traffic than company’s that don’t. Business 2 Community writes, “According to Hubspot, companies that blog have 434% more indexed pages than businesses without blogs. As you publish more content, Google will continue to increase your page rank, making it easier for customers to find you.”

Content creates a positive impression

Nearly half of buyers have seen at least 3-5 pieces of content before contacting a sales representatives and 82 percent of customers have a positive view of a company after reading custom content.

“By creating custom content that helps educate your customer, you become a trusted resource that they can turn to when they need a solution,” Business 2 Community reports.

Be sure content creation hits the mark

We’ve established that custom content creation, done well, can help your business thrive online and off. But it’s also very important that the content you create resonates with potential customers.

“Make sure to listen to your customers and provide them with the information they need to make an educated decision,” according to Business 2 Community. “You may start to see sales-ready leads lining up within a few months, but be patient. It can take a while to start ranking on Google or gaining attention as a thought leader, but if you implement a consistent content strategy, your customers will soon know where to go for solutions.”