Crowdfunding can be the answer to money needs, and custom website development can help.

Whether you decide to raise money on your own site, or through a crowdfunding site, you will need an online presence to support your efforts. That’s something custom website development can help with.

Increasingly, even small brick-and-mortar small businesses are turning to crowdfunding, sometimes to keep the doors open. Entrepreneur magazine had a report on the trend last week:

Many owners of beloved local businesses, especially in pricier cities, have been forced to swallow their pride and appeal to their customers in times of crisis — a process streamlined by the rise of online crowdfunding platforms. While the reasons behind these campaigns are as varied as the businesses themselves — tax woes, health troubles, rising rents, market shifts, acts of God — what they all have in common is an unshakable core belief on the part of both owners and customers that the business is invaluable, even if it’s not a conventional success. Even if it’s a conventional failure.

Just look at Cambridge, Mass., ice cream maker Toscanini’s, whose owner, Gus Rancatore, racked up $167,000 in back taxes over eight years. In 2008, the business was seized and closed by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. Within a week, customers had raised more than $30,000 through donations, giving Rancatore the boost he needed to come up with a payment plan and get back in business…

…A decade ago, crowdfunding services like Indiegogo and Kickstarter launched as platforms for bringing new things into the world: creative projects, products, tech. But lately, online crowdfunding campaigns are becoming an important source of capital for brick-and-mortar local businesses in need of help, says David Mandelbrot, CEO of Indiegogo.

The choice of crowdfunding site can make a big difference to your chances of raising money, as will your pitch and the appeal you have to your audience. But don’t forget that custom website development can help make sure your site also supports your efforts.