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Website Directories and Yext

Need Help With Your Directory Listings?

Do you need your company listed on all the online directories? A lot of people do not know about directories, or at least, their importance to your web presence. But online directories control a lot of the information people see about you and your company online. The directories often have very powerful websites that show up high on top of the search results, even above your own company’s website sometimes. Therefore, making sure your directly listings are current and have up-to-date contact information and other pertinent business information like hours of operation is crucial.

At the Print Killer Media Network, we are corporate partners with Yext technologies. Yext is a NASDAQ-traded technology company that has a direct API  connection to over 75 of the Internet’s best and most powerful directories. This means from your Yext dashboard we can control all the data seen online about your business, across all the major directories online. These directories include Google, Yelp, and White Pages! For professional businesses who take their web presence seriously, a Yext account is a crucial part of managing their web presence.

At the Print Killer Media Network, we are happy to set up your Yext account for you and show you how to use it. We are also happy to manage your Yext account for you if you want to just email or call in your updates to a Yext Manager. A free Yext account is also included in all of our custom, website-management plans. Thus, if you hire the Print Killer Media Network to manage your company’s web presence, you also get the bonus of a free Yext account set up and managed by a licensed Yext re-seller.

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