Did you see Reese Witherspoon’s straight-hair look at the Golden Globes? (usmagazine.com has a good photo).

Or how about the straight hair of Kim Kardashian, one of the socialite/reality show star’s signatures? According to E! Online, “Kim’s sleek look is one of the most sought-after. “

It’s not so much a trend Reese and Kim are riding –  straight hair, after all, is classic, not trendy.

“Resilient, silky, and robust, straight hair is an often-coveted, universally flattering hair type,” writes Shilpi Tomar for Madison Reed. “It’s always in style, and it gives a sleek, put-together look to the person wearing it — one of the reasons hair straighteners have become popular.”

Kim’s hair is done by Chris Appleton, the British superstar stylist who also boasts Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry as clients.

Asked how he gets Kardashian’s hair to look so fabulously shiny, Appleton told E! News, “It’s all in the details.”

Stapleton suggested conditioning the hair before blow drying it to keep it hydrated and strong, and then went on to talk about the importance of using good product.

“I think that what makes hair look expensive. We live in the world where hair is over-processed, over-colored, over-treated.”

What Appleton didn’t mention – at least in what E! Online chose to publish – was the how important it is to choose the right hair straightener.  That’s where Pretty in a Minute comes in.

WikiHow.com offers a handy guide on how to buy a flat iron, and Pretty in a Minute’s hair straighteners check all the recommended boxes.

“Choosing a flat iron that is effective, but not overly expensive, can be a daunting task,” according to WikiHow. “Finding the iron with the features you need will require some research in order to stay within your budget. The right flat iron can be a good investment in your hair care regimen and can prevent your hair from becoming damaged by excess heat and stress”

Here the steps the site recommends and the ways in which Pretty in Minute’s products can help you take those steps.

Determine your hair type. It takes less heat to straighten fine hair than it does thick hair. “Thick hair is much harder to straighten because the individual hairs are coarser, causing them to have less moisture,” WikiHow says.  Also, women with curly or wavy hair should opt for a hair straightener with flat iron with a higher heat setting.

Hair straighteners with adjustable heat settings are ideal for any hair type.

Pretty in a Minute’s Keratin Smart 2″ inch Flat Iron and Classic 1.25 Flat Iron are a salon quality tools that allow you to style your hair like a pro.

With the Keratin 2” Flat Iron, your straight hair will last far longer than it does with most other irons, and the keratin infusion will make your hair look fabulous – shiny, no-frizz and silky soft – enough to make even the Kardashians envious!

The Classic 1.25″ Flat Iron‘s ceramic heating system allows for one-pass styling, so you’ll be ready for the day – or night 😉  – in no time. The natural production of negative ions and infrared rays produced by the ceramic heater prevent hair damage and dryness, leaving you hair smooth, silky and downright beautiful! In fact, the Classic 1.25″ Flat Iron is the top hair iron used for keratin treatments among professional stylist.

Set a budget. While flat irons can cost between $15 and $300, if you’re the type of girl who’ll use the product a lot, you’ll want a high-quality product. Luckily for you, Pretty in a Minute is offering some fantastic deals.

The Pretty in a Minute 3-on-1 wand styler is on sale for $149.99, about half of what is usually costs ($298).   Use the coupon code “wandpro” and check out wand styler right here.

The Pretty in a Minute Classic 1.25 Flat Iron, with the coupon code “class1″, can be yours for $129.99, instead of the usual price of $180.  Check out the Classic 1.25 Flat Iron here.

Decide on where to purchase. With Pretty in a Minute, you can buy your new flat iron from a phone or laptop, from the comfort of your chair, sofa or bed – in fact, wherever you’re reading this right now! Just click here.

All of Pretty in a Minute’s products have been designed with the integrity of hair in mind. From most retailers, you’ll get a tool that has no true intention of preserving the health of the hair. Pretty in a Minute has partnered with top scientists, developed and patented a groundbreaking technology that has raised the industry standard. They’ve created professional styling implements that nourish the hair while delivering powerful and effective results.

They also have a very fair warranty policy.

Decide on a plate size and heat settings. Smaller plates, up to 1⁄2 inch wide, are ideal for using a flat ​iron to curl your hair.  Larger plate sizes, up to 2.5 inches, are better for girls who want to straighten their thick, curly or wavy hair in less time with fewer passes – and if you’re using a Pretty in a Minute flat iron, no burn.

Pretty in a Minute offers products with a range of plate sizes. Check them all out here!