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Google faces a class action suit over gender discrimination.

While it would be nice to just think of search engine optimization, Google’s legal issues sometimes make that difficult.

The latest issue revolves around gender discrimination, a hot topic in general, and especially in the tech industry. The search company that makes its money from advertising is fighting a request that it disclose its salary records as part of a class action suit alleging gender discrimination.

The Guardian reports:

Google attorneys argued in court on Friday that a judge should block a suit brought by former employees alleging systematic pay disparities on behalf of all women at the company. The company is also arguing that it should not have to provide information on the salaries of men and women or disclose wage policy documents until a first ruling on the class-action status.

The judge has not yet made an official decision but on Friday appeared to side with the tech giant on a number of issues.

The class-action complaint filed in September provided the most detailed formal accounts to date of gender discrimination at Google, alleging that the company denies promotions and career opportunities to qualified women and “segregates” them into lower-paying positions. Google’s latest efforts to thwart the lawsuit and avoid disclosures come at a time when the tech industry is reeling over allegations of misogyny, sexual harassment and an overall lack of diversity.

“Clearly the data is not good for them, and they don’t want to turn it over,” James Finberg, a civil rights attorney representing the employees, said after the hearing in San Francisco. “Eventually, the truth will come out, and the truth will show that they do in fact pay women less than men in the same job title in nearly every job.”

The Google discrimination suit comes against a backdrop of multiple sexual harassment allegations in fields from tech to media to politics.