InfraShine Classic Flat IronFor years, women and even men ( does Samson ring a bell) have valued and treasured their hair. The longer and straighter the better. The problem is, this is easier said than done. And while making your hair longer takes time, and is out of your control, you can make your hair straighter. There is a flat iron that is heads above better than the others on the market in its price range. It is a winner! Introducing the all-in-one InfraShine flat iron. Why InfraShine?

Because InfraShine flat irons are of a superior quality for starters. They use an original patented infrared ray radiant heat, as well as patented ceramic multi-layered heating elements that lock in negative ions and transform into micro molecules that infuse moisture and shine into the hair. The multi-layer ceramic heating elements and ceramic plates generate negative ion and far-infrared ray heat that keeps moisture and shine in the hair and protects hair color and styles last longer.

Using the InfraShine all-in-one flat iron from Regal USA is the best thing you can do for your hair. Whether you are looking for the classic or the Redline, Regal USA had an InfraShine that will suit your needs. Some of the InfraShine’s incredible features are : an even controlled temperature with no hotspots, extra long 9 ft. swivel cord and five temperature settings from 140-400 degrees.

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Regal USA offers a full array of InfraShine flat iron professional tools. All of their flat irons are ON SALE RIGHT NOW. They are even offering FREE SHIPPING on all flat iron orders. Regal USA is one of the leading salon furniture and stylist tool sites on the net. They are your one-stop-shop for salon mirrors, stations, sinks chairs and more. Let the professionals at Regal USA set you up with an InfraShine flat iron now. If your hair could talk, it would totally thank you.