Search engine optimization

Don’t forget users in your search engine optimization efforts.

We all have habits we need to change and that may be especially true in the ever-evolving discipline of search engine optimization.

That’s why it’s a good idea to take some time every now and then and review your approach and make sure you haven’t fallen into the kind of bad habits that can undermine your search engine optimization efforts. Here are a few bad habits that can get in the way of the best results.

Search engines aren’t static

What worked back in the day may not be so efficacious now. That’s because search engines change and improve. So you have to do the same.

“Being an SEO specialist means staying up to date and in tune with impending changes,” writes Sergey Grybniak for “This may seems pretty straightforward, yet there is always someone who needs to be reminded. By failing to stay on top of things and update your approach, you are getting nowhere with your current SEO strategy.”

Don’t let technical issues destroy other good work

You can have the best content, appealing to users in every way. You can have a fantastic linking profile. But technical issues with your website can undermine all your strong search engine optimization efforts.

“Pay attention to your website’s loading time, redirects, broken links, duplicate content, mobile errors, sitemaps and robots.txt.,” Grybniak urges.

Users matter more than search engines

You want your SEO efforts to attract search engine attention. But the bottom-line best way to do that is by making sure you’re thinking of users first.

“Today, search engines no longer strive just to provide the most relevant results, but also to match user intent more accurately,” Grybniak writes. “The endgame of SEO has always been about pleasing users, not search engines. To think and act otherwise is bad SEO.”