Kindle Oasis

Amazon’s new Kindle Oasis is waterproof.

Ever tried to read your Kindle in the bathtub? Not recommended—until now.

Amazon last week introduced its newest high-end Kindle Oasis, and finally, the e-reader’s waterproof. The Verge writes:

“There are physical page-turn buttons, plus the touchscreen page-turn option; Amazon says it’s worked on both the hardware and software side of things to make page-turning feel faster.

But the big news with the upgraded Oasis is its waterproofing, a long-requested feature from some Kindle fans. (Yes, last year’s model was called Oasis and wasn’t waterproofed.) The new e-reader has been tested in two meters of water for up to 60 minutes. It’s also been tested in different water environments, like hot tubs, pools, and bubble baths. Amazon declined to say how it waterproofed the Kindle, but since it still has an open USB port for charging, it’s recommending that people stand the Kindle upright after it’s been submerged.

The latest Kindle Oasis will set you back at least $249. It comes with a larger and higher resolution screen than the past model and is also Amazon’s brightest model.

It’s about time for Amazon to make some major advancements in its e-reader.

After its introduction, the Kindle became synonymous with e-reader. And Kevin Keith, Amazon’s general manager of devices, told The Verge sales are “quite good.”

But the market could be softening while physical books make a comeback:

In 2016, data showed that ebook sales were down, while sales of physical books surged. And in 2015, a Pew research report on American device ownership showed that e-reader ownership was down significantly from the year prior. According to non-Amazon data, it seems to have reached its peak in 2011.

Still, now the Kindle Oasis can claim a measure of superiority over physical books, now that it’s waterproof. Heck, you may even be able to take it out on your paddle board.