Parkland, Florida’s landscaping character is so unique there are only a handful of tricks and designs that can add value to many of the sought-after homes and properties in the tight-knit community.

According to South Florida’s own Broward Landscape and Design, one way to increase house or commercial property value in Parkland is with the addition of outdoor lighting.

Parkland homeowners are proud of their aesthetically pleasing landscaping options that preserve Parkland’s small-town character and hospitality, and they love to show it off year-around, day and night.

Outdoor lighting helps illuminate focal points of landscaping, while decorating entrances with walkway lights also provides security to the perimeter.

Parkland Outdoor Lighting Technology

According to HGTV, decorative lights along walkways and area lighting for outdoor spaces are all appealing ways to incorporate lighting into your landscaping and increase the value of your property.  Lighting solutions for everything from walkways to outdoor spaces like gardens, decks and patios can be used.

When it comes to outdoor lighting in South Florida, Broward Landscape has cutting-edge technology second-to-none. A member of the Kichler Pro Lighting Presidents Club, Broward Landscape is committed to intelligent LED options, traditional incandescent choices, energy efficient fixtures, and even colored lighting. A splash of color with purple, red and amber add an additional pop to the landscaping scenery.

Broward Landscaping is also entering into a new era of outdoor pool design. Water jets that jump out of the deck and splash into the pool, an array of colors of pool finish, as well as the ability to control your pool lights from your phone, will become increasingly popular in years to come.

The best part about working with Broward Landscaping is being able to see a project before it is installed thanks to high-tech computer-aided design.

Broward Landscape’s expert team of designers also applies computer-aided design and visual imagery services technology to evaluate the landscape layout in order to enhance any outdoor space to create a functional, relaxing and stylish atmosphere.

Parkland Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Light fixtures add beautify and safety to yards and property, while spotlights highlight architectural features and add drama to trees, shrubs and distinctive landscaping. According to Broward Landscape, there are several outdoor lighting fixtures used to increase home values in Parkland.

  1. Deck and patio lighting
  2. Accent lighting
  3. Silhouetting
  4. Step lighting
  5. Water feature lights
  6. Garden lighting
  7. Customized finishes
  8. Underwater lighting

These design options capture the imagination and bring the brilliance of nature to light. Bring pathways, outdoor cooking, dining areas, and garden features into the light to enhance the outdoor environment’s beauty, safety, and convenience.

Recognizing Broward Landscape as a top national company, Best of the Best Television host Rich Noonan said, “We really value companies that become market leaders through old-fashioned hard work, integrity, uncommon customer service and staying on the cutting edge of their industries. Broward Landscape is that company. …

“They’re very big on starting with a great design. They have all the computer animation you need to draw it out beforehand beautifully, and they simply shine on outdoor customer service and maintenance after the space has been transformed.”

Check out some of Broward Landscape’s commercial projects here and its residential work here.

Parkland Outdoor Fire Features

Outdoor fire features are a must-have in landscape design to provide a rustic outdoor lighting feel. For a more primal experience, fire fixtures can be created out of boulders, limestone, or any sort of large natural stone set up. Push-button start or remote start make it easy to use both for start-up and finishing.

Lots of unique customizing options like ledge stone bases, glass mosaics, LED under-lighting, distinctive shapes, or even in-ground level units are available.

These pieces provide amazing ambiance around a pool, cabana, or just an extended destination for a backyard space.

Parkland Outdoor Lighting Rules and Regulations

Like the name of the city suggests, Parkland, Florida is a city with several beautiful parks. Local government in Parkland has unique zoning laws to keep green spaces open and landscapes protected.

Some may call it strict ordinances, but the city’s outdoor lighting rules were created to protect the public health, safety and welfare of its citizens and the environment.

You can illuminate your focal point of landscaping, decorate the entrance with walkway lights, add security to your perimeter, or cast a soft silhouette on the outline of your home or property in Parkland as long as the lighting standards are adhered to.

The city hopes to keep lighting subtle to compliment building architecture, architectural features, and landscaped areas.

Here are just a few of the general rules and regulations the city has in place when it comes to outdoor lighting.

  • All lighting shall be concentrated on the ground, building, street, or sign it is intended to illuminate.
  • Lighting that is designed to illuminate a building roof area is prohibited.
  • Lighting shall not be used as advertising, nor shall it draw more attention to the area at night than during the day.
  • Luminaires mounted at more than ten (10) feet above finished grade shall not be located within fifteen (15) feet of a shade tree’s trunk center. The city may allow the minimum deviations it deems necessary from this where it determines that a hardship will make compliance infeasible or impractical.

Those are just a few of the over 50 rules when it comes to outdoor lighting in Parkland.

Broward Landscape is experienced in designing a layout of an outdoor lighting package that not only adheres to Parkland’s unique rules but that will also provide the customer with a beautiful ambient experience.

Parkland Outdoor Lighting Contractor

Broward Landscape wants the residents of Parkland and surrounding areas to realize the outdoor lighting fixtures of their dreams.

More than just outdoor lighting, Broward Landscape also focuses on landscape design, outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens, bars, outdoor fire pits, exterior lighting, pavers, decking, walkways, tree care, sprinkler repair, pergolas and arbors.

Broward Landscape portfolio includes large-scale corporate environments, city parks, shopping malls and apartment complexes, condominiums and homeowner associations.

Contact Broward Landscape online today or call them at 954.325.1111 (Broward) or 561.239.7753 (Palm Beach).