The South Florida Chronicle caught up with CEO Patrick Zarrelli to talk about a host of subjects. At one point the topic turned to web development and to his company Dependable Website Management. Dependable Website Management is the company that runs the Print Killer Media Network. PKMN is the umbrella site and company that hosts the sites that Mr. Zarrelli has started and runs to this day. Patrick had some interesting things to say. You can read the FULL ARTICLE on Some of the discussed highlights included:

In order for websites to truly thrive, they need web development. It is not just about the actual creation & construction of the site. Patrick Zarrelli, the CEO of Dependable Website Management, found out how important web development was when he was running his Print Killer Media Network. Over time, more and more clients “drank the Kool-Aid” and Zarrelli had a full client list that rivaled his print media company.


Through Dependable Website Management, Zarrelli has put together a web development team that can handle everything from soup to nuts. DWM offers a plethora of web development services. Custom websites, API, e-commerce, graphic design, hosting, computer and network repairs, web hosting, social media marketing, SSL security for sites, shopping cart & credit card processing, WordPress, SEO & SEM, daily blogging, Google AdWords, and even email set-up and management.

One must know by now that you must be on the internet to survive. Not only should one be generating revenue online, but it is also the best way to advertise and market your product or service.  The ability to develop your brand is not only recommended, but it is absolutely essential. One might even say critical to the survival of a company and brand and identity.


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