In the midst of the recent media buzz about the possibility and shear awesomeness frankly of people potentially having mini-giraffes as pets after they appeared in a couple fictitious commercials. One man has stepped up to the plate to make that dream into a reality for all of us. That man is tech CEO and political pundit Patrick Zarrelli.

Patrick Zarrelli has partnered with famed genetic scientist Dr. Mephesto and has invested a cool $100,000 of his own money to get the project off the ground. Zarrelli and Dr. Mephesto have formed a new company for the project ironically called “Large Small Incorporated.” The new company has one goal and one goal only, and that goal is to make mini-giraffes available as pets to every God-loving family in America!

When asked about the project in a recent interview both men seemed excited and optimistic about the new venture. They promised to make all research public on their website and to keep the media updated with regular progress reports. When asked why Giraffe’s? Zarrelli replied that giraffes “are his spirit animal so it seemed a logical species to start with.” Plus giraffes are fairly smart, non an aggressive, and have simple diets.” He added. However neither of them ruled out the possibility of moving on to other mini animals in the future.

When asked about a timeline for the project Zarrelli said that he was cautiously optimistic but was prepared to fund the project for multiple years if that’s what it takes. Currently they are putting together an investment vehicle for the project to attract future investors and partners. Sounds crazy, but if these guys can produce healthy miniature wild animals. It could easily spark a brand new industry of designer engineered house pets. The technology alone could be worth billions with a myriad of applications.

No matter what you think about genetic engineering. This fast-moving and exciting industry represents an amazing future for not just humans but other species as well. Who among us would not like a mini-domesticated jungle animal!? Imagine going yo the pet store in a few years and right next to the puppies and kittens, are mini-giraffes, mini hippos, and mini lions! How cool would that be? Maybe we save all the animals that are going extinct by miniaturizing them and making them our house pets!? Well, if Zarrelli and his team accomplish their goals, this fantasy could fast be becoming an amazing new reality! Gotta love science it’s truly amazing whats possible now a days!!!

Patrick Zarrlli’s official blog.