The dictionary definition of the word charity is the voluntary giving of help, typically in monetary form, to those that are in need. Patrick Zarrelli, the CEO of The Print Killer Media Network and Dependable Website Management has a heavy heart when it comes to charity and giving to charitable contributions. Patrick has always believed that it is the right thing to do since he has been ‘so lucky in his own life’ as he puts it. With the successes he has had at this point in his life, Zarrelli has always felt that charity was a perfect way to spread that ‘luck’ as he sees it, to others.

Patrick is very proud to be able to help out causes and foundations that he believes in by donating.

He states, “Why do I donate to charity? For the greater good? To help people in need? To give back to society? Yeah, that’s all great and all, but I’m honestly just trying to offset some personal sins and maybe get my sentence in purgatory cut down to a few thousand years for good behavior.”

Now while Zarrelli is clearly speaking ‘tongue-in-cheek’ about his motivations for charity, one thing is for certain, and that is that Patrick knows charity goes a long way and that he is genuinely happy to be able to do it.

Here are some of the charitable organizations that Zarelli has partnered up with.

Charitable donations to The Wilton Manors Stone Wall Parade.

Charitable donations to The Winterfest Boat Parade.

Doing website creation, hosting and server support pro-bono for The Foundation for Recovery.

Building a website pro-bono for The Ryan Owens Foundation. Owens was the Navy SEAL that was singled out in the Donald Trump State of the Union address.

A $1,000 donation to The Jack and Jill Foundation.

And while Zarrelli is being a silly about why he donates to charity, the truth is, he is very proud to be able to do so. Charity is a sign of a good soul. It is the sign of someone who cares about the community and the things going on in it. Zarrelli states that this is one of the primary reasons for why he will continue to give.

Patrick puts it best when he says, ‘Hey, you can’t take it all with you when you meet your maker if you indeed do that. So I think it’s best to sprinkle some to others along the way and do some good.’

Wise words from a wise man.