Gavin McinnesAs we all know by now, “Chicks Dig Beards!” While that might not have been the case in the 90’s, it most certainly is in 2018. Whether you are a hipster (Gavin McInnes) or into Hip Hop (Rick Ross), beards are hot and they just might be here to stay. As a stylist, you will start to see, or already may have, an influx of customers that are “rocking” the beard. And this is not just a territorial or regional thing. Guys are sporting goatees and full grizzliePiam beard combs from Seattle to Miami and from New York City to Portland.

It is very important that you know how to groom and cut and style beards. It may seem easy and a no brainer. But having a product that can help is always an edge. Take a look at the Piam Beard Shaping Tool Comb at Pretty in a Minute. This comb by Piam is top notch and will without a doubt help any stylist by having this tool that will aid in the manicuring of the beard. Guys with beards can be very particular about their beards, and why, not? These things take a long time to grow, and who wouldn’t want to put their best beard forward?

That being said, as a stylist you want to keep the bearded customer happy. You won’t regret it. A happy customer is a repeat customer. And please keep in mind that Pretty in a Minute does not just carry beard combs.

Pretty in a Minute has a wide array of stylist needs and necessities. They carry apparel, hot tools, coloring, cosmetics, nail accessories, cases & bags, clippers & trimmers, scissors & razors, hair dryers, clips & rollers and even training mannequins. They pride themselves on not only carrying quality brands and products, but on great prices and quick shipping. Order now and get a Piam shaping comb or whatever your stylist needs are now!