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Search Engine Optimization in South Florida

South Florida Search Engine Optimization

Do you need search engine optimization for your website? Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, can literally be the difference between feast or famine for your businesses. Companies whose website is on the first page of Google for their industry’s key search terms see huge spikes in business. Companies on the second page of Google also see large spikes in business, though about half that of the first page. Companies who are on the third page or worse can expect to get no new leads from the internet.

At the Print Killer Media Network, we start any Search Engine Optimization conversation with keyword research. We need to be able to decipher what keywords are most searched in your industry, who the leaders are in the search results for those terms, and how strong their websites are. That all takes research. Once that keyword research is done, we can do the math and figure out what you have to do to reach the top of any particular term. It is up to you at that point to decide if reaching that term will be cost-effective for you. For most businesses, the price of getting to the top of the search results is shadowed by the important and wealth of new leads that come from being on the first page of the search results. So for them it is a no brainer. It is important, though, that you and your team run these numbers so that you can make proper use of your marketing budget and achieve your SEO goals.

The Print Killer Media Network uses a media-based approach to getting your website on the front page of the search results. That includes an absolute ton of article creation. At the Print Killer Media Network, professional bloggers make up a large part of our staff. The writers are constantly creating long-form SEO blogs for our clients’ websites every single week, as well as creating other original content to be released on the web and linked back to the client’s website. This builds the website’s online credibility with the search engines. We also install SEO software on the website to give us the ability to rank every page and article. This, combined with directory listings, daily social media updates, and press releases, makes up a major section of our online SEO strategy. We of course have a couple other amazing white-hat tricks up our selves. But we’ll reserve that conversation for when we meet in person.

At the end of the day, investing in your website’s search engine optimization is a big commitment. It’s expensive and for the good, highly contested keywords, it can take some time to get to the top. That’s why you need to make absolutely sure you pick the right team to do your SEO work. The bottom of the internet is littered with well-intentioned business owners who picked the wrong SEO team and have now had their websites banished to the search engine underworld permanently. Do not let this happen to you! Check your team’s references. Check the work they have done for other clients. Check their SEO plan that they create for you. Most importantly, check their work every single month after you hire them. SEO is tedious work, and a lot of people will try to cut corners once they sign you up.

At the Print Killer Media Network, we offer a 90-day cancellation period. That’s how confident we are, that we can show you serious SEO results for your website in the first 90 days of doing business with us. SEO is a giant online math problem. Let us solve it for you!

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