Dubai Camel HospitalCamel racing is big business and important tradition. They are treasured and deserve the best care and treatment. The emirate of Dubai has recently opened the world’s first veterinarian hospital devoted to the care and welfare of single-humped racing camels. And you can believe that no expenses were spared in developing this hospital.

The ten million dollar facility, which can treat up to 20 camels at a time, reflects the importance of camels in Emirati society. Pedigreed racing camels in Dubai have a similar economic value as race horses in other countries, and often times even higher values, as very oil rich camel owners will spend obscene sums of money on their prized animals.

“We are very interested in preserving our heritage, and we found that we must care for camels, not only by breeding and raising them but also by being able to medically treat them,” said Mohamed Al Bulooshi the director of the facility, which is located next to the Dubai Camel Racing Club in Al Marmoum, on the southern outskirts of the city

The hospital is state-of-the-art and well equipped with an operating theater and a radiography room. Next year, MRI and CAT scanning facilities are to be installed. Since this hospital is the first of its kind, much of the equipment had to be manufactured specially for the requirements of a camel (dromedary). Surgical procedures start at $1,000 USD and an x-ray or ultrasound scan is $110 USD.

The hospital intends to help in the research and development of camel medicine. Ahsan Ul Haq, the facility’s head of marketing and finance, said it would help “to unfold the secrets of this strange desert animal”.

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