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Fort Lauderdale Web Development


The Print Killer Media Network is a Fort Lauderdale-based website development team that focuses their practice on advanced website creation, promotion, and management.

Our client list is a who’s who of South Florida business elite and local celebrities. Why does everyone pick the Print Killer Media Network when it comes to their Fort Lauderdale website design needs? Well, it’s simple really. We deliver amazing results!

When you get your website built by the Print Killer Media tech team, you can rest assured that your website is going to be built to your exact specifications. So you can focus on your business while bringing your tech dreams to life.

At the Print Killer Media Network, the website development project is not over until you say it is! You’re the business owner. We are just a humble but very effective marketing tool at your service. At the Print Killer Media Network, we won’t rest until you’re absolutely thrilled with your brand new website. We know that sometimes it takes a few revisions to get your project absolutely perfect. We are happy to navigate the revision process by ensuring your project reaches its full capacity and functionality. When we finally give you the keys to your new website, it’s going to be a fine-tuned new business machine!

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Website Builds

At the Print Killer Media Network, we are more than just a bunch of pretty faces. We are professional website developers, programmers, graphic designers, and coders. So if you need something built online that the world has never seen before, something completely custom designed to you and your businesses needs, then we are hands down the best team in Florida to do it! At the Print Killer Media Network, custom website development is what we do best.

At the Print Killer Media Network, we have made custom websites, custom API connections, custom WordPress themes, and custom plugins for clients all over the country. We can meet with you in person or on video chat and help you turn your vision into a working website for your business to use online. Once we create a a site map with you, our team will get to work making your website development dreams come true.

With your vision and our tech savvy, your online custom website dreams can quickly become a high-performing business reality for your company. Call us today for a free consultation and quote on your new website development project.


Online stores and e-commerce sites are some of the most successful websites online today, and they are not all as big as Amazon, either. There are tons of small and midsize businesses running online stores and making great money in niche markets all over the internet. So if you have an idea for a profitable online store, don’t be scared get out there and give it a try!

If you would like us to build that vision into an online store for you, then we will be happy to help set up your new e-commerce business.

If you already have an online store up and running and just need some outside website help on the project, we will be happy to assist you in furthering your e-commerce project. At the Print Killer Media Network, we can guide you through all parts of the e-commerce marketplace.

Including: web development, shopping cart installation, SSL certificates, mass product uploads, taxes, shipping, and of course, credit processing online.

Call us today for a free quote on your e-commerce website build!


Do you need WordPress developers? WordPress is already an astonishing 33% of the internet. That makes it the most used CMS on the planet. Not to shabby! WordPress’s power comes from its plugin market. Just like you have apps on your cell phone that are made by developers all over the world, WordPress has the plugin market with plugins in it made from developers all over the world.

This means there is a wealth of plugins (software applications) available for you to use on your website if you choose to use WordPress for your content management system online.

At the Print Killer Media Network in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we not only can create a WordPress website for you, we can also set up all your plugins. Get your hosting set up and running on a server. Even manage your entire web presence if you would like. Our team of internet professionals at the Print Killer Media Network is comprised of multiple WordPress masters.

So if you are looking for a WordPress website for your business, then you have come to the right place. Please contact us today for a free quote on your WordPress web development project today!

Website Repairs

We do website repairs quick! The Print Killer Media Network in Fort Lauderdale is happy to help with all of your website repair needs.

If your website has a code error, a hosting problem, or a domain issue, we can fix it for you that same day. We can also scan your website for malware and remove it for you if your website or server has been infected.

Our team has thousands of hours of experience in diagnosing and solving website problems. We can usually diagnose and fix any normal website issue inside the first 24 to 48 hours. Sometime it may only take just a few minutes! In some rare instances, it may take longer, but our staff will be available to tell you what’s going on throughout each step of the website repair process.

If your website is down and you need it back up fast, then the Print Killer Media Network website repairmen are the people to call. What are you waiting for? Your website is down! You’re losing business!

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