custom content creation

Lego has custom content creation lessons to teach.

Few companies on earth are as innovative or effective as Lego when it comes to custom content creation.

The toy giant is unique in many ways, of course, but there are certainly lessons we can all take from Lego if we’re involved in custom content creation. Here are a few.

Have a clear purpose, and communicate it

Nothing trumps focus and clarity in custom content creation. For instance, we all know search engine optimization is important. But if you’ve optimized something to the hilt and people come to your site and don’t know what you’re about, you haven’t really accomplished a thing.

But if you communicate your business’ purpose with clarity and focus, it will help you win customers.

Lego’s management came to a similar conclusion after the company slumped in 2003.

“The mission the company has today was formulated back then, which is really about empowering kids and developing their creativity, confidence and ability,” Lego’s David Gram told CMO. “The first lesson is the mission is about them, and not the company itself. And that transcends the existing products and services, and has a more long-term focus.”

Know the story at the core of your company

You need to recognize the core of your company. What is it you do and why? You can build your custom content creation around that.

For Lego, the core is play, and the chief facilitators of that play are the company’s designers, Lars Silberbauer, senior global director at Lego Group told CMO. That means treating online tools with the same sense of fun that children bring to the company’s blocks.

“We want to be always testing out whatever new creative tools that Instagram or the others are coming up with,” he said. “We want to learn from it, we want to try it out, we want to play around with it like we were kids who just got new toys.”